Armani Watches Stolen in Apartment Burglary

armani watch newsAn unpleasant surprise awaited a Kuwaiti tourist when he returned to his apartment after sampling some of Pattaya’s famous adult entertainment. He found his door damaged and that his safe containing valuables and documents worth over 120,000 THB had been stolen.

Pattaya – 12th February 2011[PDN] Pattaya Police officials examined apartment room 705 on the 7th floor of Siwalai City Place, building 20/742 Moo 10, South Pattaya, after they had received the notification of someone having broken into the room and stolen its safe. Residing within the room was Mr. Meshal Aa Attallah, 51, from Kuwait.

At the crime scene it was evident that the room’s door knob had been tampered with. In the closet it turned out that belongings and clothes in it had been displaced and that the small safe in the closet was missing. Ms Bussaba Phothisom 29, friend of Mr. Meshal Aa Attallah, said that before the incident the 2 had been to a go-go bar and that when they came back they noticed that the safe in the closet was missing. The safe contained important documents and 2 Armani watches, worth altogether over 120,000 THB. After that they asked to check the CCTV cameras. They saw 2 teenagers, a boy and a girl walking toward the room. One of them turned the CCTV camera away before they wrapped the safe in a quilt and rapidly left the building.

Reporters found the safe thrown into bushes of wild grass behind Carrefour Pattaya Klang. The safe was brought to the police where officials were able to take fingerprints. Investigations are proceeding.

Type : Crime News
Story : Yanwarrut
Photo : Yanwarrut

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