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Arctos Watches guide

Arctos watches history begun in Germany, in a province named Pforzheim, where Philipp Weber founded the first watch factory – Uhrenfabrik, in the year 1923. The factory was a high ranked assembler – preferred as a business partner for some of the most influential wholesalers in Germany. In the year 1924 Webner expanded his business – founding The RENTSCHLER & CO factory to produce his own watch brand – Arctos. The company was later destroyed during a WW2 bombing on the region, but was reconstructed in the year 1947, same year when Philipp renamed the factory to ARCTOS-UHRENFABRIK PHILIPP WEBER.
Today, all watches carry the spirit and tradition of Arctos manufacture, having the finest Swiss automatic movements and carefully imprinted designs.

Arctus watches can be found in different models, such as the Nato, Military, Pearl, Marine Diver and Black Wave:

The Arctos Nato wrist watches are using some of the best materials for the crystal, case and automatic movement, making the collection reliable and with a stylish design. The Arctos Nato are not only designed for extreme demands of the Special Forces but also for the watch connoisseurs. The dial features are military style or utility.

The Arctos Military are robust military watches. Their main features are: tactical, luxuriously finishes with sapphire crystal and highly polished stainless steel. The military Arctos watches are the perfect candidates for field related activities, having large numerals and balanced hands in order to provide an extremely clear display. The Arctos military watches are part of the official standard equipment for NATO and the German Armed Forces.

The Arctos Marine Diver are classic German navy diver watches, designed in a specifically military style. The collection is made out of stainless steel and sapphire crystals. The design emphasizes functionality and clear readability and features high water resistance, bezel with reverse-rotation prevention functions and anti-reflection crystal treatment.

The Arctos Black Wave, named after the 1953 NATO BLACK-WAVE military exercise in the Mediterranean, is a premium Nato field collection rendered in stunning black – the stainless steel bracelet and the case are black PVD coated. PVD is a special metalworking technique of rendering a case in deep black, that prevents reflection from light, thus discovery of Special Forces dues to reflection. Watches rendered in PVD black are unique both for military and general use.

The Arctos SEKM are a combination of extreme durability and functionality. Some of the defining features of this collection are the integrated automatic Helium release valve and water-resistance for up to 2000m (6600 feet). The watches have a clear legibility under water during daylight and at night. SEKM is an abbreviation for the German “Spezialisierten Einsatzkraften der Marine” – Special Marine Forces. The Arctos Elite watches are engineered to withstand even the most extreme underwater conditions and are powered by Swiss automatic movements.


The History of Ingersoll Watches

Founded by Robert and Charles Ingersoll in the year 1892, Ingersoll is one of the first American watch factories. Using new technologies, Ingersoll produced pocket watches and wrist watches. The “Dollar Watch”¬† – also called “Yankee” was the first Ingersoll watch, produced on automated production lines for watches, and received it’s name because it was sold for only one dollar. Due to the amazing success The Yankee had, The Ingersoll Brothers increased production and opened new factories in order to keep up with the high demand. In the year 1896, Ingersoll’s product range expanded due to many technical pioneering refinements and the smallest pocket watch ever made was created. By year 1910, Ingersoll became a recognised brand for USA watches all over the world. For example, the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, was described as “the man from the country where Ingersolls are produces” during a hunting trip in Africa. Theodore Roosevelt was among many famous people that weared watches from Ingersoll, people like Mark Twain and Thomas Edison. Over time, the company registered enormous success by coming up with new inventions, such as the Radiolite – watches with night lite, the Mickey Mouse watch that was sold in over 2.5 million copies and the Gandhiji Ingersoll watch – created especially for Mohamed Gandhiji, who considered time-keeping to be an integral part of his life. Ingersoll sold over 3.5 million “dollar watches” by the year 1920. In the year 1950, Ingersoll produced character watches with faces of Holywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe, and was appreciated by many stars. It is rumored that even James Dean worn an Ingersoll wristwatch. In 1983 the brand was acquired at first by Steven Strauss and after that sold to Zeon Ltd – the largest watch importer from Britain. The brad kept it’s reputation of having a “good value” for many years after that and thousand of pieces were sold every year troughout the entire country, giving¬† whole generations a chance to own an Ingersoll watch. The company made over 30 million watches between 1946 and 1980, and exported its models in over 60 different countries from all over the wold. Starting with year 2000, the company released new ranges of watches, while keeping it’s strong ties with its history. The style remained unchanged, while emphasizing quality and value. The Bison collection was launched in the year 2007, and kept its intrinsic values, consisting of modern classic Ingersoll Watches at fair prices and appealing styles.