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It was a cool Cristimas Colection :D

So it is that time again summer has been and gone and winter is most definitely upon us. The UK is gripped by winter with snow and ice bringing the UK to a stand still, so with everyone stuck in doors trying to keep out of the treacherous conditions outside the last thing on anyone’s mind is heading down the high street to have a look a the range of watches available this year. Thankfully the internet is there to take the strain and make the shopping experience a lot easier for everyone and definitely a lot warmer.

The internet is such a massive resource, and with so many companies offering all sorts of men’s timepieces for sale it is hard to find the right brand to look at, never mind the right one to buy for a Christmas present this year. With so many companies selling watches online, trawling through all of these online watch retailers could be a job in itself. So here are a few of the best new Emporio Armani watches in the UK for Christmas 2010.

The Emporio Armani watch brand is much like the Emporio Armani clothes label it is a brand that is aspired to and is aspiration in itself although the price point of many of these men’s watches is much less than people would think.

Men’s Black Armani Watch

Looking for a watch on a leather strap then there are a lot of new Emporio Armani men’s watches that will be perfect with the likes of the AR0428 and the AR0429 2 of the picks of the bunch and both of these are less than £200.
If it is sports look then Armani watches have great this style as well, looking for a black dial chronograph watch then the AR0585 is a great watch. Looking for a white dial sports watch then the AR5859 is a great watch part of a new collection that has been launched by Emporio Armani this year.

The big styles of the year from Emporio Armani are their new collection of ceramic watches. The Ceramica range has changed the way in which Armani watches are viewed, for years the Armani label has been synonymous with high end couture fashion, this year’s ceramic watch collection adds this couture material to their range. The styles that have really made the Ceramica collection popular are the new sports chronographs the AR1400 and the AR1403, both black and white watches have been really popular in fashion watches. The launch of the ceramic collection by Emporio Armani is now making coloured watches popular in the prestige watch market. The best thing about these 2 styles is that although they are just under £500 which is a very high price for Emporio Armani watches, these watches are less than half the price of their competitors such as Rado and Channel J12.

Men love watches just as much as women love shoes and these watches are definitely some of the top watches available this year.

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Does Sport go with Armani?

Who says that Armani’s watches work or function only in the “classic” sense? There’s more to the brand’s line-up than a series of reflective silver and black pieces with Roman numerals.

Let’s take a quick look at a rather unusual watch: the AR5334. It’s interesting because it diverges from what we might traditionally consider an Armani watch to represent. This square watch isn’t meant to be paired with a suit and tie. Rather, it’s intended for active use. The company claims that it blends “sport with fashion.” Beyond the square case, the watch’s display is also digital. At the top of the dial, two letters symbolise the day of the week; the date is directly below this, followed by the time. The final piece in this data “stack” is the seconds counter.

A striking feature is the blue electroplating around the edge of the dial. It helps to differentiate the border of the dial from the rest of the case–a case constructed of black stainless steel. The case is somewhat smaller than normal: 39mm. Yet it’s robust; not only is there a two-year warranty included, but the case is water resistant to ten atmospheres. A black polyurethane strap emblazoned with the words “EMPORIO ARMANI” rounds out the aesthetics.

The AR5334 represents a more expensive investment in an “active” watch than would be the case with other, department store brands. But this is a watch for the cosmopolitan male, an individual his twenties or thirties living in the city, participating in a well-paid profession. This probable demographic will pay a premium for a watch that stands out and a name that resonates. Armani spells “prestige,” and the AR5334 is a watch that catches eyes and turns heads. Chances are, no one else at your gym has one.

Article source: TheWatchDepartment

Armani watches ‘to be sold on Qatar Airlines flights’

Air travellers are set to be offered the opportunity to buy Armani watches in mid-flight.

An agreement has been reached which will see luxury watches by Emporio Armani carried on board Qatar Airways flights so that they may be purchased by travellers.

Fossil Inc – a global distribution company which specialises in the provision of fashion accessories – has arranged the deal with the luxury carrier, The Moodie Report revealed.

Travel retail managing director at Fossil Robert Christiano told the report: “We are excited to be able to partner with one of the few five-star airlines in the world which has recently been named Airline of the Year 2009 at the TTG Awards in the UK.”

Models by Emporio Armani were featured in Qatar Airlines’ December issue of its in-flight magazine – and could now be back by popular demand.

The airline believes its passengers are demanding the opportunity to buy luxury watches by “esteemed” brands at incentivised duty-free prices.

Armani last month announced that it had opened a store in the world’s tallest tower – the Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.ADNFCR-2664-ID-19589380-ADNFCR

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Armani Watches Stolen in Apartment Burglary

armani watch newsAn unpleasant surprise awaited a Kuwaiti tourist when he returned to his apartment after sampling some of Pattaya’s famous adult entertainment. He found his door damaged and that his safe containing valuables and documents worth over 120,000 THB had been stolen.

Pattaya – 12th February 2011[PDN] Pattaya Police officials examined apartment room 705 on the 7th floor of Siwalai City Place, building 20/742 Moo 10, South Pattaya, after they had received the notification of someone having broken into the room and stolen its safe. Residing within the room was Mr. Meshal Aa Attallah, 51, from Kuwait.

At the crime scene it was evident that the room’s door knob had been tampered with. In the closet it turned out that belongings and clothes in it had been displaced and that the small safe in the closet was missing. Ms Bussaba Phothisom 29, friend of Mr. Meshal Aa Attallah, said that before the incident the 2 had been to a go-go bar and that when they came back they noticed that the safe in the closet was missing. The safe contained important documents and 2 Armani watches, worth altogether over 120,000 THB. After that they asked to check the CCTV cameras. They saw 2 teenagers, a boy and a girl walking toward the room. One of them turned the CCTV camera away before they wrapped the safe in a quilt and rapidly left the building.

Reporters found the safe thrown into bushes of wild grass behind Carrefour Pattaya Klang. The safe was brought to the police where officials were able to take fingerprints. Investigations are proceeding.

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