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World’s most expensive watches

Rare diamonds, gold, platinum and hundreds of work hours were needed to create the most expensive watches in the world. So what are the models in this top and how much do they cost?

1. The world’s most expensive watch is Chopard 201. The watch was manufactured out of 15 carat pink diamonds, blue diamonds of 12 carat and 11 carat white diamonds that are surrounded by other white and yellow diamonds of 163 carats. The Chopard 201 costs 25 million dollars.

2. Another first class expensive watch is Patek Philippe’s Supercomplication. The clock was created in 1932 from 18 carat gold. The production time of this watch was four years, and in 1999 the Chopard registered a record for the most expensive pocket watch being sold at a public auction.

3. The Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time worth’s 4 million dollars. The watch held the first top position among the most expensive watches in 2002, when it was sold for $ 4 million at an auction. The special thing that watch offers is that it indicates the time in several countries and is very easy to read.

4.The Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’ll worth’s 1.5 million dollars. This watch is considered one of the most complex watch ever made by man. It consists of 834 pieces that were assembled in 10,000 hours. The clock has two faces which are placed in a gold casing.

5. The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon worthes 1.3 million dollars. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon is a very expensive watch because it is composed out of 688 parts, from which a large part were assembled with the help of a microscope.

6. The Chopard Super Ice Cube worth’s 1.1 million dollars. The watch received this name because it resembles an ice cube. The cubes are made out of 66 carats precious stones.

7. The Hublot Bang Black Caviar worth’s 1 million dollars. The manufacturing of this luxury watch took 2,000 hours – the watch was made manually. The watch is made out of 18 carat white gold mixed with 322 precious stones.

8. The Louis moinet Magistralis worth’s $ 860,000. This watch includes material from a meteorite that was 2000 years old, and has a 18 carat gold case.

9. The Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication worth’s $ 800,000. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication is one of the most complex wristwatches in the world. It has a platinum case, a crocodile leather strap and all its 740 mechanism components are hand-made .

10. Breguet 1907BA/12 worth’s $ 734,000. Breguet company was founded 225 years ago and is one of the oldest watch companies in the world. Currently Breguest is part of the Swatch Group Company. ThisĀ  luxury clock is handmade out of 18 carat gold.